Whether you want to dance all night or just need background musc, Narrow Gauge Sound is the best place to rent sound equipment for your Colorado Springs or Pueblo area party

DJ Party Sound System Rentals

​​Our most popular sound system rentals are our DIY DJ party sound systems. These sound system rentals are  designed so that someone from your group can use a playlist (or multiple playlists). This is the basic equipment that would be used by a DJ but it is setup for easy operation by your groomsmen or guest.   We have 4 rental options so you can choose the one that fits your party perfectly. Delivery, set-up, training and pick up included in our pricing
Party System 1
Party System 2

Sound System Rental #1 is ideal for smaller indoor parties of up to 50 people when dancing is not that important. This rental system consists of:
  • One (1)  600 watt powered speaker and stand 
  • Stand alone 5 channel mixer
  • One wired microphone, stand and cable
  • One cable for your music player of choice: Ipod/Ipad mp3 player etc
  • All cables needed for system.

$169 including Delivery, set up, pick-up and training anywhere in Colorado Springs. Monument and other areas higher.

Sound System Rental #2 is perfectl for larger parties of up to 150 people inside or outside who maninly want to listen to good music. This rental sound system consists of:

  • Two (2) 400 watt (800 total watts!) powered speakers and stands
  • Stand-alone 5 channel mixer
  • One wired microphone, stand and cable
  • One cable for your music player of choice: Ipod/Ipad mp3 player or Computer
  • All cables needed for the system.

$209 including delivery, set up, pick-up and training anywhere in Colorado Springs.  Monument, Pueblo and other areas slightly higher.  

DJ Dance System 1*
DJ Dance System 2
Similar to Party System 2 but you get upgraded speakers that provide 2000 watts of power!  If dancing is a priority and you don't want to add sub-woofers THIS is the ideal system!  It is has better bass response and an overall better sound than Party System 1 or 2. 

  • Two (2) EV 1000 watt powered 15" 2 way speakers and stands
  • One stand alone 5 channel mixer
  • One wired microphone, stand and cable
  • One (1) cable for your music players of choice: Ipod/Ipad mp3 player or Computer.
  • All cables needed for system including extension cords ​

$239 including delivery, set up, pick-up and training anywhere in Colorado Springs.  Other areas slightly higher.

*This sound system rental is our most popular rental for wedding receptions and parties
Dance System 2 is the sound system system for you if want a dance party and want your guests to dance and celebrate all night long!  This package consists of:

  • Two (2) 12"  400 watt powered Yamaha speakers and stands
  • Two (2) 700 watt powered Sub-Woofer and stand alone 5 channel mixer (Peavey, Mackie, Yamaha or Berhinger)
  • One wired microphone, stand and cable, 
  • Two (2) cables for your music players of choice: Ipod/Ipad mp3 player or Computer
  • DJ Table
  • All cables needed for system including extension cords.

$299 delivery, set up, pick-up and training anywhere in Colorado Springs. Other areas higher, please ask for a quote. 

Popular Sound System Rental add-ons

Wireless Microphone
 Rentals  $39
DJ Dance Light Rentals
Subwoofer Rentals
Couldn't have been Happier
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​"Narrow Gauge Sound saved the day at my wedding reception! Their professionalism, communication and customer service were excellent and Jim and his staff went above and beyond to help us out! We are so happy with our experience, and highly recommend them!"  Macrina, Bride
"I rented a sound and light system from Narrow Gauge for my son's wedding and reception and couldn't have been happier with the equipment and support! Jim was very helpful in advising what equipment was needed and Josh was great with the setup, tear down, and walking us through the operation. Highly recommended if you want to MC & DJ your own event."
 Jeff, Father of the Groom

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What are Sub-Woofers and Do I NEED one for my Party?
We get asked this a LOT so don’t feel bad if you have no idea!  

What a Sub-woofer is: It’s all about the bass! A sub-woofer is a dedicated low-frequency speaker cabinet. It fills in the deep, rich bass that can be missing in most sound systems. Sub-woofers are designed to reproduce the deepest notes and low frequency energy in the musical spectrum. 

Do YOU need a Sub-woofer for your event?  Yes and No or it all depends. The listening experience is always better when your sound system rental has a sub-woofer but you don’t always need one.

YES, you need a sub-woofer:  If you want people to dance at your wedding reception or party, then a sub-woofer is a must. Deep bass adds the emotion, the physical feeling of presence and excitement, to music. A sub-woofer not only makes the music sound better, it enables your guests to feel the music. It is what gets them tapping their foot to the music and it often physically draws them out onto the dance floor. Think about the times you have been to a concert or a  club and the music sounded so good you could feel it. That is what sub-woofers do.

NO, you don’t need a sub-woofer:  Our sound system rental packages that don’t come with sub-woofers will be fine if you just want background music for the cocktail and dinner hour and for any toasts, speeches or announcements and your special dances. So, if you are not having a dance party, or if dancing is not going to be a big part of your event, you won’t need a sub-woofer with your sound system rental.  

Keep in mind that a sub-woofer will always, always, always make the music sound better. If you are not sure you need one, don’t worry. Let us know the details of your event and we can make some recommendations.

Hassle-Free Party Rentals
We will deliver and set up your audio sound system rental and either run it for you or train your "sound person" how to operate it. We will also pick up the system at the end of your event. 

All of this is included in the price of your rental, not something extra!

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